The 2022 EPTA report on "Disruption in society – TA to the rescue?" is now available online.

Using three exemplary topics, the report highlights the main theme of this report »Disruption in society – TA to the rescue?«: (1) critical infrastructures (such as electricity, water supply, Internet) whose failure must be prevented at almost all costs; (2) autonomous systems that make decisions with potentially far-reaching consequences; (3) natural areas under severe pressure to »tip over« due to climate change and other human activities. This report consists of 18 individual contributions of EPTA members giving their unique perspectives on specific aspects of the topics based on their recent experience. In the introductory synthesis, the individual contributions have been analysed and summarised to present overarching themes and to illustrate the various roles EPTA members have taken to support their parliaments in addressing disruptions. The report was produced at the initiative of TAB, which held the EPTA presidency in 2022.

The report will be launched at the annual EPTA conference, held on 17 October 2022 in the German Bundestag. See here for the programme.

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