Teknologirådet - The Danish Board of Technology Foundation

The DBT is an independent body established by the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) under the Board of Technology Act No. 375 of June 14, 1995. The first Board of Technology was set up as a statutory body in 1986 and replaced by the present Board on July 31, 1995. The Board of Technology comprises a Board of Governors, a Board of Representatives and a secretariat. The DBT aims to further the technology debate, assess technological impacts and options and advise the Danish Parliament and the Government. DBT initiates comprehensive assessments of the implications of technological development for society as well as for the individual. The board also monitors the consequences of current and future trends in technology while encouraging public debate on the assessed topic.

In order to assess new technology the Board undertakes technology assessment over a wide field where interaction between technology, society and the individual is significant. Furthermore, the Board monitors international technological development and cooperates internationally with institutions engaged in technology assessment. For the purpose of encouraging debate, the Board organises conferences and seminars on topical subjects. As part of its advisory function, the Board prepares parliamentary committee hearings, arranges advisory meetings for parliamentary committees and produces news-letters aimed at the parliament. The Board publishes reports, books, news-letters, booklets and pamphlets on the issues being addressed by the Board. The Board has developed a range of interactive and participatory methods, among which the "consensus conference", "scenario workshop" and "world wide views" methods should be mentioned. Such interactive methods play an important role in the work of the Board by introducing the debate directly into the assessment made, and thereby ensuring a broader knowledge base, mediation effects, a strong societal backup to the outcomes, direct political relevance and democratically accepted procedures.

In 2017 the membership of the DBT was downgraded from full to associate membership.


The Danish Board of Technology
Toldbodgade 12
DK-1253 Kobenhavn
Tel: +45 33 32 05 03
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Chairman of the Board of Governors:
Ms. Annette Toft

Director: Lars Klüver
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