Privacy enhancing security technologies and human rights, are among topics for the concluding conference arranged by the PRISE project in the end of April. The conference takes place in Vienna.

The conference “Next steps towards privacy enhancing security technologies” will be arranged the 28th and the 29th of April 2008, to discuss privacy and security in relation to the future development in European security research and policies. The PRISE project includes four members of EPTA.

The PRISE project (PRIvacy and SEcurity in Europe) invites participants to register within the 21. April 2008 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The conference focus on important questions such as:

  • What are the challenges to privacy and human rights in democratic societies using more and more technical security measures?
  • What does security and privacy mean to European Citizens?
  • How can more security be possible with the same or even higher levels of privacy?
  • What steps are needed to pursue development of security technologies that enhance both privacy and security?
  • How can good solutions to protect privacy serve the European security industry?

The purpose of the PRISE conference is to discuss in a broad forum, the PRISE results and further steps required to ensure privacy and security in Europe.

Confirmed keynote speakers include::

J. Peter Burgess, International Peace Research Institute, Oslo

Rene von Schomberg, Scientific Officer, European Commission, DG RTD Science and Technology foresight

Simon Davies, London School of Economics and director of Privacy International

Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor

Sachar Paulus, Chief Security Officer of SAP

The workshop sessions of the 29th of April include the following issues: Security Technologies, PETs design and PETs in practice, Security policy and privacy, Society and Security, Ethics and Security.

Please consult the PRISE website for more information about the conference:


PRISE website