Acquiring New Knowledge
The purpose of the Acquiring New Knowledge project is to examine what achieving this objective demands. It will mean studying what the world will be like in 20 years’ time, what kinds of skills and knowledge young people will need to have when they have completed their schooling. The report will support the Government’s goal of making the Finns the world’s most competent people by 2020. The research will be done as case studies, in which the best practices in education and teaching are sought. Analysing these practices will enable us to proceed during the second phase to define development themes for acquisition of new knowledge. To conclude, we shall evaluate implementation of the themes in the present educational system and present proposals for measures by means of which acquisition of new knowledge can be promoted. In addition, we can launch pilot development projects in collaboration with schools and similar educational establishments. The study will be reported on in a series of articles. In implementing the study we can utilise the 2012 Pedagogics Day jointly with the University of Helsinki.
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New Knowledge
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Committee for the Future of the Parliament of Finland (ComFuture)