Ocean Warming Science & Tech Spotlight
Background: According to NASA, 2022 was the ocean’s warmest year since modern record keeping began in 1955. Estimates indicate that the oceans contain more than 90 percent of the Earth’s warming since at least 1971, mostly near the surface between 0 and 700 meters deep. To measure how much the oceans have warmed, researchers use various temperature sensing instruments in the water as well as satellites that measure sea level, as water expands when warmed. Researchers then use these measurements to calculate the average heat gained in the oceans worldwide. Key Questions: GAO will provide information on ocean warming, including (1) what it is, what is known, and what is unknown; (2) challenges it presents and opportunities to advance the science and mitigate or adapt to warming; and (3) policy context and questions.
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Ocean Warming Science & Tech Spotlight
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Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics team of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) (STAA)
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