Generative AI: The topic of this year's EPTA conference.

(c) Parliament of Catalunya/Pexels

On 9 October 2023, the Catalan Parliament / CAPCIT hosts the annual EPTA conference. The topic is "Generative AI".

Large generative artificial intelligence (AI) models, such as ChatGPT, have become extremely popular in just a few months making it the fastest-growing online application in history. As such, they emerge as a transformative force with profound implications for democracies and civil society. Is generative AI a promise or a peril for democracies, or even for human existence?
The annual EPTA conference will explore the social and legal challenges that generative AI poses for policymakers, civil society, and regulators.

Is it necessary to establish regulatory frameworks to address generative AI’s social and democratic challenges? Or would general AI regulation suffice to address the latter? Which characteristics of generative AI can be considered when evaluating the convenience of establishing specific policy and regulatory frameworks for it? What are the potential benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations associated with the application of generative AI in key areas such as health or education? Is generative AI designed to disempower and displace workers? Can we even foresee the impact that generative AI will have on the job market?

To disentangle these questions the annual EPTA conference will highlight the following three focal points:

  1. Generative artificial intelligence and democracy
  2. Policy considerations on the integration of generative artificial
    intelligence in specific sectors
  3. Generative artificial intelligence and work

Download the programme folder here.

Registration for the conference is here.