Agro-food sector
The General Secretariat for Research and Technology in order to be more efficient and able to announce targeted projects, has set up eight Platforms in key pillars of the Greek economy. In addition to “Agro-Food”, there are the Platforms for Technology, Informatics, Energy, Environment, Materials, Health and Medicines, Tourism and Culture and Transport. The “Agro-Food” Platform consists of four research areas: plant production, livestock farming, fishing and fish farms, and food. They have emerging technologies as horizontal actions and strong synergies with the Platforms of Informatics, Energy, Environment and Health. Also, there are projects running on precision agriculture: in a typical vineyard in an area of Thessaly, in Mikrothives, prior to the application of the method, the producer irrigated his field uniformly, as he was unaware that there were two distinct zones due to soil composition that required a different amount of water. The analysis with the methods of precision agriculture determined the application of differentiated irrigation and resulted in better production and 30% water saving. The Agricultural University of Athens both encourages and works with startups. It has a special unit called “Innovagri”, which carefully deals with startups in all stages, mentoring, encouraging, research aids, etc. In 2019, for the first time, in collaboration with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the American School of Agriculture, the “Agro - Challenge Trophy” was created. There are plans for the creation of a space, called “active laboratories”, which will provide researchers and companies with a place where they can test, use and standardize results of their research. Unfortunately, there is a gap between the production of research results and their successful integration into the agricultural production process.
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Smart technologies in the agro-food sector for sustainable production systems in view of Climate Change.
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Greek Permanent Committee on Research and Technology (GPCRT)