The Futures for Radioactive Waste in Belgium
This research action project presents the synthesis of the online enquiry concerning the future for long-term management of high-level radioactive wastes (‘HLRW’) and spent fuel in Belgium, conducted in April and November 2019 by political scientists from the Liege University (Spiral Research Centre, RU Cite, ULiege) with the support of the University of Antwerp (Milieu en Samenleving, UAntwerpen). The main objective of the enquiry was to identify the needs and expectations of various stakeholders regarding the long-term management of high-level radioactive waste and the type of decision-making process they wish to see implemented. 242 people participated; 109 questions were asked; 11,695 responses were proposed by the participants. These constitute a very pluralistic panel of actors involved on nuclear issues for more than 10 years, and composed of committed citizens, scientists but also members of NGOs in favour or against nuclear power, municipal/regional/federal officials active or not in the nuclear and health fields.
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Spiral research centre - Université de Liège (SPIRAL)