Less privacy for more security?
ITA (2015) Less privacy for more security? ITA dossier no. 17en (November 2015; Authors: Johann Čas, Walter Peissl, Jaro Krieger-Lamina, Stefan Strauß).
-> New surveillance technologies allow ever deeper observation of the lives of each individual. -> Security measures are increasingly reliant upon surveillance technologies, based on the claim that more security requires infringements of fundamentalrights. -> Citizens have more nuanced views: although the use of surveillance technologies is not rejected as such, it remains a contested issue. Therefore their utilisation should be limited categorically and strictly regulated and controlled. -> The protection of personal data needs to be improved and ensured, also the case of security technologies. In addition, security should remain a public sector responsibility and social root causes of insecurity need to be addressed and solved.
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policy brief
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Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA)