Evaluation on Sweden’s Food Strategy
The Environmental and Agricultural Committee's follow-up and evaluation group has conducted an evaluation of the food processing industry and retail food trade. The evaluation includes several types of food facilities such as dairies, slaughterhouses, and egg packing plants. A detailed analysis was also conducted of three food products through the food chain: game meat, cheese, and farmed seafood. The follow-up and evaluation group's observations and assessments are listed below at the headline level: - Uneven power relations in the food chain - Declining demand may reduce continuity for organic food in the food chain - Higher costs and limited access to sustainable raw materials hinder development - Difficulties for aquaculture to obtain cultivation permits - Difficulty sourcing wild boar meat - New rules risk slowing down development in the short term - The group has also noted that the government is working on an update of the food strategy. The committee's evaluation can make a valuable contribution to the government's continued strategy work.
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Evaluation and Research Secretariat (ERS) of the Swedish Riksdag (ERS)