Research overview on electrification and the charging infrastructure for road transportation
The Committee on Transportation has highlighted the need for robust measures to achieve climate goals, particularly regarding sustainable renewable fuels and electrification as means to reach these targets. Against this backdrop, the Committee has commissioned a report focusing on the planning and development of charging infrastructure for road traffic. The report includes, among other things, relevant regulations and directives as well as current policy changes that affect the expansion of charging infrastructure. Furthermore, the report contains information about national action programs, regional and local planning for expanded charging infrastructure, and the overarching roles and responsibilities of different actors in this work, as well as the various supports that promote the development of charging infrastructure. The report also describes technical solutions various actors consider effective and the various obstacles to the expansion of charging infrastructure. There are also accounts of research on how people behave in relation to and are influenced by different forms of charging infrastructure. From the conducted report, the Committee’s working group makes several observations and assessments: - EU regulations will become increasingly significant for the establishment of charging infrastructure. - Collaboration between actors at different levels is necessary. - The state plays a central role in coordination. - Work at regional and local levels is also important. - Electricity network companies play a crucial role in the development of charging infrastructure. - Support for the establishment of charging infrastructure has been important. - Obstacles to the expansion of charging infrastructure are well highlighted. - The recent action programs developed by the Energy Agency and the Transport Administration to promote the development of charging infrastructure are deemed to contain urgent measures. - The transport sector and energy sector will integrate increasingly in the future. - There are several different charging systems for electric vehicles, and it is important that the state sets long-term rules. - Knowledge about behaviour is an important factor for a society-efficient charging infrastructure.
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project report
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Evaluation and Research Secretariat (ERS) of the Swedish Riksdag (ERS)