Look who's talking: tools for the responsible use of speech technology
Hamer, J.; Doesborgh, S.; Kool, L. (2021) Look who's talking: tools for the responsible use of speech technology. Rathenau Instituut: The Hague.
In recent years, speech technology has become commonplace. Many drivers give verbal instructions to their cars and some people even wake up in the morning with the voice of their digital voice assistant, to wish them good morning and to provide the weather forecast. We are increasingly talking to computers – and that has consequences. After all, nothing is more human than our speech. In our conversations, we express ourselves and develop customs. The Rathenau Institute has therefore devoted this study to speech technology. How does speech technology work, what is it used for and what ethical questions does it raise? We examine how the government, businesses and citizens can contribute to speech technology that enriches our society and social relations, and does not impoverish them.
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project report
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