Sharing economy and platform work
Tulevaisuusvaliokunta (2018) Jakamistalous ja alustatyö. (Eduskunnan tulevaisuusvaliokunnan julkaisu 3/ 2018); Eduskunta: Helsinki
The report consists of three parts: An study by Mats Nylund titles "Sharing, platform work and blockchain - Finland to pioneer sustainable gig economy"; expert comments on the study; and results of a workshop where the experts process the issue collectively. The experts combines the changes introduced by the recent forms of sharing economy and platform work phenomena with broader trends in ways to earn and to gain employment. The structures of the welfare state emerged in the latter part of the 20th centure, in close connection with the way working life was structured. It is therefore obvious that changes in working life puts renewal pressure to present day structures of the welfare state. Without such renewal, the ongoing dilution of working life categories will create an increasing number of people with poor possibilities to gain reasonable income with reasonable conditions or to educate themselves. The main result of the expert workshop was a suggestion of holistic legislative reneval titled Income Code, which would gather the laws concerning earned income and income redistribution under one act.
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project report
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Committee for the Future of the Parliament of Finland (ComFuture)