Digitisation and sovereignty of the state
ITA [Hrsg.],. (2019). Digitisation and sovereignty of the state. ITA-Dossier Nr. 45en (Oktober 2019; Autoren: M. Nentwich, W. Jäger, G. Embacher-Köhle, J. Krieger-Lamina). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-045en
-> Digitisation also changes politics and the state. State sovereignty is massively challenged, especially with regard to administrative action, digital infrastructure, and democratic processes. -> Digital sovereignty refers to the exclusive self-determination of legal entities such as states and natural persons under the conditions of digitisation. -> In order to (re)establish digital sovereignty, it is necessary to act consistently on various levels (national and international), both in technical, organisational and regulatory terms, and not least in public discourse.
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policy brief
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Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA)