Vaccines, a health need and a public asset
CAPCIT (2014) Vaccines, a health need and a public asset. Bulletin No. 6, June 2014
Vaccines are the main tool for preventing many infectious diseases, both viral and bacterial. People who have been vaccinated or immunized against a particular disease indirectly protect those who have not been vaccinated. People who have not been vaccinated against a disease are at risk of contracting it and transmitting it to family, friends and other susceptible people in their environment. Like any medical procedure, vaccination may have undesirable effects in a very small number of cases. Therefore, the greatest precaution should be taken in its preparation and administration. The problems (side effects) associated with vaccination tend to involve a lower risk to the patient receiving it than the bacterial or viral disease against which they have been vaccinated. There is no proven scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism or sterility.
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Advisory Board of the Parliament of Catalonia for Science and Technology (CAPCIT)
Vaccines, a health need and a public asset (CAPCIT)