Sustainable Growth
The Sustainable Growth project will seek bold and concrete openings from the sector of sustainable growth. Its objective is to produce ten concrete proposals for measures by means of which economic growth will be increased at the same time as the problems of sustainable development will be resolved. The intention is that the proposals for measures will be made available not only to the present Government, but will also serve as a foundation for future Programmes for Government and as new openings for a civic discourse. The project will be implemented in three stages. In the first, there will be a search for good examples of companies and products that at the same time produce economic growth and solve some or other challenge of sustainable development. In the next, the ten best good practices that have emerged will be analysed, and in the final stage measures- and policy-related recommendations to promote sustainable growth will be formulated.
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Sustainable Growth
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Committee for the Future of the Parliament of Finland (ComFuture)