An inspired Society
The An inspired Society project will examine the relationship between the social environment and enterprise and growth entrepreneurialism. There are two research problems: Why do people in some areas become entrepreneurs more often than people elsewhere? And why in some areas do people become growth entrepreneurs more often than people in other areas? The study will be conducted in three stages: The first will involve seeking out areas where entrepreneurship is active and inviting pilot companies and entrepreneurs (good examples) to participate in the project. In the second, there will be an examination of these areas’, companies’ and entrepreneurs’ networks as well as the social structures and processes in the operating environment (the social processes and structures that have promoted growth entrepreneurship). The final stage will involve reporting on best practices as well as recommending measures. The study will generate new perspectives and proposals for measures to be considered when drafting Finland’s policy on growth entrepreneurship and innovation. The angle of approach is innovative: The goal is to develop a (social) operational environment that supports growth entrepreneurship. The result will be a society that inspires people to engage in enterprise. In addition, the project will produce perspectives on the entrepreneurship of the future – including network entrepreneurship.
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Inspired Society
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Committee for the Future of the Parliament of Finland (ComFuture)