Ageing and wellbeing
The quality of life of older people is a challenge that transcends the field of health and encompasses new scientific, social, and technological obstacles as life expectancy rises. During the last 15 to 20 years of life, a large proportion of individuals experience poor health or high levels of dependency. There are numerous factors that can contribute to senior well-being. On the one hand, understanding the biological factors of ageing can promote better health at all stages of life and delay the ill effects of ageing. Alternatively, the analysis should be expanded to include the socioeconomic dimensions of ageing (social isolation, digital exclusion, loneliness, the social perception of old age, socio-health policies, and so on), as well as the new opportunities for human care and attention made possible by digital technologies and robotics. This multidisciplinary evaluation of scientific evidence can aid in the formulation of public policies and social and health care services.
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Science and Technology Office of the Congress of Deputies (Oficina-C)