Climate Change and Urbanization
The Institute of Technology and Research is a public research center and conducts research in selected areas that have high added value for the country, uses scientific human resources and utilizes research results for the benefit of the society and the economy. It is the largest research body in the country with 34 European programs of the European Research Council that are supported by researchers of the institution. The University Publications of the Institute produce high quality scientific literature for the Greek student and the Greek Scientist and have developed the “Mathesis” platform which is an online tool that offers free university courses in various fields of Science. The scientific and technological park of Crete has been established, which is a nursery of startups and allows interaction between researchers and entrepreneurs. Also there is the “Praxi” network which is a mediation office and everyone, from any university or other research institute can use the services of the network so that there is an interconnection of research and industry. This way, innovation and entrepreneurship is promoted along with the development of services and products. All these are directed for use to the markets. There is also a laboratory that examines ancient DNA capable of analyzing biological material, human, plant or animal, and a national network of medical precision where modern genomic technologies are being developed, targeting cancer and cardiovascular diseases and it is scheduled to include neurodegenerative ones. Funding has been provided by the European Research Council's Co-operation Grants for the “Urbisphere: coupling dynamic cities and climate” project, which is a collaboration between four researchers based in Germany, Greece and the United Kingdom, who will use their know-how to combine different computational and observational approaches to create a dynamic and unified system of simulations and estimates, which will be used to better understand the interaction and feedback between cities and climate change.
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Climate Change and Urbanization: Actions of the Institute of Technology and Research.
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Greek Permanent Committee on Research and Technology (GPCRT)