Leimbach, T., Hallinan, D., Bachlechner, D., Weber, A., Jaglo, M., Hennen, L., Nielsen, R. Ø., Nentwich, M., Strauß, S., Lynn, T. and Hunt, G., 2014, Potential and Impacts of Cloud Computing Services and Social Network Websites, Options Brief, commissioned by: European Parliament/STOA, January: European Technology Assessment Group (ETAG) <http://www.europarl.europa.eu/stoa/webdav/site/cms/shared/4_publications/Options%20Brief/STOA%20Cloud%20computing%20Options%20brief.pdf>.
Cloud Computing and Social Network Sites (SNS) are among the most controversially discussed developments in recent years. The opportunities of using powerful computing resources on demand via the web are considered as a possible driver for the growth of the European economy. This project: reviewed the latest technological and economic developments, identified driving factors and barriers in Europe, identified the main actors and their respective interests, analysed the impacts on citizens, business (including the IT industry itself) and public administrations, and evaluated the effect of a broad range of technical, economic, cultural, legal, regulatory issues and their mpacts.
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policy brief
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European Parliament / Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) (STOA)