People Analytics - Technologies for analysing employee data
People Analytics – Technologien zur Auswertung von Beschäftigtendaten. Peters, R.; Krieger, B. (2023) Themenkurzprofil Nr. 64. Büro für Technikfolgen-Abschätzung beim Deutschen Bundestag (TAB).
People analytics (PA) refers to analytical methods that enable evidence-based decision support based on employee data. It uses simple statistical methods as well as machine learning techniques. The data used can come from Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and other data sources related to companies and employees. Possible applications for PA can be found in all HR-related processes: from recruitment (e.g. active sourcing, i.e. the targeted search for potential employees) to personnel management - such as learning analytics, i.e. the improvement of teaching and learning processes through artificial intelligence (AI) -, performance management (e.g. the control of the performance of employees, teams and companies) and exit management, e.g. fluctuation analysis. While companies in Germany are also starting to use PA, the use of PA applications is still in its infancy. In addition to the economic potential, e.g. increased competitiveness, and the social potential, e.g. transparency for employees, there are also risks, especially with regard to data protection, which may become more relevant as the use of PA increases. The risk of increased surveillance of employees is also critically discussed.
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