Urban mobility for crises
ITA [Hrsg.], (2022) Shaping urban mobility for crises (ITA Dossier No.68en, Dec. 2022, Author: Tanja Sinozic, Gloria Rose)
-> The COVID-19 pandemic and the associated mobility restrictions had far-reaching socio-economic consequences. -> Most affected were the use of public transport, walking, and cycling -> Urban planners, researchers, and citizens reacted with pop-up cycle lanes, meeting zones, and intensive use of pavements, parks, and public green spaces. -> Such ad-hoc solutions are more than a “quick fix” and need to be evaluated as permanent solutions as part of a forward-looking policy. This strenghtens social resilience during crises with mobility restrictions, such as pandemics, climate change or blackouts.
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policy brief
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Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA)