Implications of electricity storage?
ITA [Hrsg.],. (2020). Implications of electricity storage? (ITA dossier No 46en, January 2020; Authors: Michael Ornetzeder, Steffen Bettin). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-046en
• Along with several other options, storage systems for electrical energy areconsidered as a key technology of the energy transition. • In the future, the greatest storage requirements will be in the area of long-term storage (storing across seasons and years). • Consequences, risks and potential for conflicts are manifold and largely depend on respective technologies and forms of application. • A lack of storage facilities is currently not an obstacle to the expansion of renewable energy sources in the electricity sector
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policy brief
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Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA)
The future of electricity storage. Societal, economic, and environmentally questions of energy storage solutions (ITA)