New EPTA report on productivity

The EPTA-report \"Productivity in Europe and the United States - Technology Trends and Policy Measures\" was presentetd at the EPTA-conference in the Norwegian Parliament at the end of October.
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EPTA Directors’ Meeting in Ålesund

German energy policy, French digital risk and nanotechnology in the USA were among the many important issues being discussed when participants from 16 EPTA countries met in Ålesund in Norway.
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Norway holds the Presidency of EPTA in 2014

In 2014, the Norwegian Board of Technology (NBT) holds the presidency of EPTA – the network for European Parliamentary Technology Assessment.
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EPTA- the best source to technology assessment

The 18 members of EPTA have joined forces to create an extensive database of parliamentary technology assessment.

Use our Project database or Search Projects to learn more about topics such as nanotechnology, brain research, road pricing and future energy systems.

The projects use various methods and draw on insights from citizen panels, stakeholders, workshops as well as the foremost experts in the relevant fields.

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