Melanie Peters 
© W. Peissl, picture taken at the 2016 directors' meeting in Dürnstein/Austria

Dr. Melanie Peters, current acting EPTA president, passed away on 11 August.

Melanie Peters is no longer with us. This announcement hit us completely unexpectedly and is a shock for the entire community. With Melanie, the Rathenau Institute in the Netherlands loses a dynamic and successful director, and EPTA will miss its active president of the network.

Above all, however, we are losing a wonderful colleague who had internalised the ideas of technology assessment, always asked the right questions, and was able to analyse the most diverse areas rapidly and precisely. We will miss an empathetic friend who was characterised in particular by warm-heartedness and a great deal of humour in addition to professional excellence.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends, to whom our deepest sympathies go.

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