The Swedish EPTA Presidency is well under way, the Directors’ meeting was held in May, the preparations for the Council meeting and conference in October are in full swing.

The Directors’ meeting was held the 13-14th of May, in the Southern region of Sweden at Häckeberga castle. EPTA members from 12 organisations and one observer, South Korea, participated. Amongst others, we exchanged information about ongoing TA in our respective countries and discussed the framing of the conference report.

The Council meeting and conference will be held at the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm the 10-11th of October – Council meeting the 10th and conference the 11th. The theme “Technologies in elderly care” will be divided into a number of sessions focusing on new technological and social innovations, implications for elderly and staff, future perspectives and policy implications. The setup will include expert presentations and comments from panels consisting of members of parliaments. The Swedish Presidency is looking forward to sharing knowledge and discussing different perspectives of this important theme among parliamentarians, experts and colleagues from the various member countries.