As holder of the EPTA presidency in 2010 the Danish Board of Technology (DBT) had the pleasure to host the annual EPTA Conference.

The EPTA conference took place at the seat of the Danish parliament, Folketinget on November the 3rd. The title of the conference was “Routes to Sustainable Transport”.

The aim of the conference was to throw light on some of the many aspects of sustainable transport and to get an overview of what is going on in the EPTA countries within this field. The conference provided an opportunity for sharing knowledge, experience and ideas among European parliamentarians and experts as well as a discussion of common problems regarding sustainable transport.

There were many good and very interesting presentations at the conference, all of which threw light on important areas relating to the field of sustainable transport. With permissions of the presenters, and encouraged by the conference participants, we have made of the slides for some of the presentations available below.

As a result of a joint project of the EPTA members a report on sustainable transport was written prior to the conference. The report is available here

In addition, a sound recording of the entire conference was made. The sound recording is available here and is in english.


Biofuels and Hydrogen Suggestions for Actions and Initiatives in Flanders - Marian Deblonde (PDF)

Future Perspectives of 2nd Generation Biofuels - Rainer Zah (PDF)

Images of Low Carbon Transport in 2050, Working Paper - Peder Jensen (PDF)

Mobility Management - A New Route to Sustainable Transport - Christer Ljungberg (PDF)

Sustainable Transport from an Economic Perspective - Lessons Learned from the Danish Climate Commission - Niels Buus Kristensen (PDF)

Technology Options and Emerging Technologies - Jens Schippl (PDF)

The Oresund Transport Corridor Connecting Sweden and Denmark with Europe - Henrik Sylvan (PDF)

Transport Crossing Austrian Borders - Challenges and Chances - Willy Raimund (PDF)

Transportation and the Future Energy Supply - Anders Kofoed-Wiuff (PDF)