What are the upcoming technological issues? The EPTA directors meeting in the Haag 21. of April focus on identifying future “war fields”. The Directors Meeting is arranged by Rathenau Institute.

A well known proverb says that “generals always fight the former war”. This spring's meeting includes an “Epta war room”. The objective is to find out and learn from each other what the next “wars” will be.

Collective and interactive

The Epta war room provides a collective and interactive quick scan to address this. The war room metaphor has a double meaning. On the one hand it is about signalling important issues for the coming years; what are the new fronts? On the other hand the question is how we deal with those upcoming issues; what will the strategy be?

Be prepared

Giancarlo Caratti from the European Commission`s Joint Reseach Centre is invited and will talk about “Scientific and technical support to European Policy making”.

What is going on in European Technology assessment? During the meeting the Directors will also make plans for the Conference and Council Meeting October 2008 EPTA and ESOF Barcelona 2008.

The Directors Meeting in the Haag takes place from the 21. to the 22. of April 2008.