Local Acceptance of Wind Turbines Projects
The ALPE (Local Acceptance of Wind Turbines Projects) project is a one-year research project sponsored by Electrabel. This study, conducted in partnership with ULiège's Faculty of Psychology, the Environment Center (ULiège) and the University of Antwerp, aims to identify and understand the limits of social adhesion to a wind turbine energy project. In context framework, the Spiral laboratory is interested on the one hand in the impact of the decision-making process of implantation, and on the other hand in the capacity of reappropriation of the legal procedure by the actors concerned (citizens - administrations -politiques -promotors ). To feed the analyzes, four case studies were selected throughout the Walloon Region: Modave, Dour / Quiévrain, Aubange / Messancy and Ath / Silly.
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Spiral research centre - Université de Liège (SPIRAL)