Problems arising from the treatment of industrial wastes
Problems arising from the treatment of industrial wastes as part of a threefold approach covering domestic, industrial and hospital wastes. In this study, the Office sought to determine the underlying reasons for the complete stagnation of French policy on wastes. In its considerations, the Office gave pride of place to determining how waste policy could recover its credibility in the eyes of the public. The response to the wide circulation of the report’s conclusions resulted in the Office being a preferred point of contact in many events devoted to the problem of industrial wastes. Adoption of the law on waste disposal of 13 July 1992 was a direct result of some of the Office’s conclusions. Also, the fundamental work carried out in the Office enlivened a number of aspects of the parliamentary debate.
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Industrial wastes
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Office Parlementaire d´Evaluation des Choix Scientifiques et Technologiques of the French Parliament (OPECST)