Exchanges of technology with the countries of central and Eastern Europe
The scars that an unbalanced and paralysing mode of technological development left behind are reopening as a result of the political and economic chaos affecting the countries of central and eastern Europe. The western world, and in particular the European Union, has declared its desire to ensure the success of the current transition process in these countries. What are the facts of the matter? What obstacles will face the indispensable technological modernisation of the eastern countries? What would happen if we did not manage to find ways of enabling them to achieve this objective? The purpose of this report is to present these issues: it provides some illustrations from different sectors - health, energy, nuclear power, space, and so on - and suggests a recasting of the policies applied to countries most of which should no longer be qualified as "eastern" except for terminological simplicity.
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Central and Eastern Europe (II)
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Office Parlementaire d´Evaluation des Choix Scientifiques et Technologiques of the French Parliament (OPECST)