Energy policy
Energy policy is a crucial issue in the context of further economic development of Poland as well as its huge environmental impact. This research survey covers a wide spectrum of related topics, including: - long-term forecast of global energy development; - EU´s energy policy: the most significant aims, priorities and initiatives in the field of European energy policy; - Poland´s energy policy until 2030; - potential for greenhouse gas emission reduction in Poland and its implications for the energy sector; - potential for diversification of natural gas supplies to Poland and Europe; - prospects for development of nuclear power industry in Poland; - factors affecting the development of lignite mining in Poland; - carbon capture and storage technology; - prospects for development of renewable energy sources in Poland and factors affecting further development of this sector.
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Energy policy
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Bureau of Research / Biuro Analiz Sejmowych (BAS) of the Polish Parliament (the Sejm) (BAS)