Collective Deconfinement GIGA
How to deconfine safely? At present, many countries are considering a deconfinement strategy, with only few having implemented it. The "best practices", thus, still need to be defined. In this context, the GIGA community would like to carry out "a deconfinement experience in real time". Concretely, the GIGA proposes to collectively define its "deconfinement" methods, and to deploy them, by designing and implementing a deconfinement protocol. The report presents the results on the online survey on "Community engagement in designing a modus operandi to lift GIGA's lockdown. Based on the Delphi Method, the GIGA community members have been invited to identify their expectations on the future protocol and suggested concrete measures for the deconfinement protocol. There were 381 people who completed the first round of the survey (56,70% participation rate) and 340 for the second round of the survey.
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Spiral research centre - Université de Liège (SPIRAL)