Making better decisions about datacentres - The need for a broad perspective on digital infrastructure
Rathenau Instituut (2022). Making better decisions about data centres – the need for a broad perspective on digital infrastructure. Den Haag: Rathenau Instituut.
This report examines the social significance of data centres and the decision-making processes surrounding their establishment. It explains what data centres are and how they operate, which issues play a role in the discussion about their establishment, and how these issues are currently governed. The analysis culminates in five recommendations for good public governance of the digital infrastructure. In developing policy for digital infrastructure, the Rathenau Instituut advocates that the focus should not be on the large data centres that are currently receiving the most attention in the public and political debate. Rather, policy makers should look at the whole digital infrastructure that facilitates the digitalisation of our society. The question “what do we expect of this infrastructure in the Netherlands?” should be subject to societal debate. Next to policy makers and experts, citizens should also be involved in this discussion. To support the debate, more knowledge is required, for example about the financial-economic benefits of data centres. You can read the summary of this report and its recommendations in English. The full report is only available in Dutch.
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project report
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