Pandemic technologies. The role of technology during the covid-19 pandemic and the impact of the pandemic on technological development
Linturi, Risto (2020): Pandemiateknologiat: teknologian rooli koronapandemian aikana ja koronapandemian vaikutus teknologian kehitykseen (Eduskunnan tulevaisuusvaliokunnan julkaisu 4/2020). Tulevaisuusvaliokunta: Helsinki.
The Committee for the Future commissioned this report from Risto Linturi, the chief developer of the Committee for the Future’s technology foresight method “Radical Technology Inquiry” (RTI). The report applies the results gained with the RTI method to analyse the interaction of technology and the covid-19 pandemic on short and long term. The results include, or example, a listing of value-production networks where technology has been most relevant in the exceptional conditions created by the pandemic: 1. Healthcare: Maintenance of public health 2. Work and income: Income 3. Exchange: Transfer of ownership 4.–5. Redressing disabilities: Helping people with disabilities 4.–5. Safety and security: Regularity 6.–7. Collaboration and trust: Capacity for cooperation 6.–7. Power structures: Realisation of common interests in decision-making 8. Producing experiences: Entertainment 9.–10. Built environment: Demand-controlled spaces 9.–10. Remote impact: Influencing regardless of location The report's Preface by the Committee for the Future is available in unpublished form in English and in Swedish.
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Committee for the Future of the Parliament of Finland (ComFuture)