Fake for real: ethical and societal implications of augmented reality
Snijders, D.; Doesborgh, S.; Masson, E.; Est, R. van (2021). Fake for real: ethical and societal implications of augmented reality. Rathenau Instituut: The Hague.
With augmented reality (AR) we are constructing a new environment, which is partly physical and partly virtual. We create digital versions of our streets, our living rooms and our bodies and add them to reality as virtual ‘layers’. Can we really distinguish what is real from what is fake in this hybrid physical-virtual world? What impact does AR have on the design of our public space? And how can we ensure that immersive technology enriches our world rather than impoverishing it? Much is at stake in AR: our perception of reality, but also the design of our physical environment. It is high time for a political and broad public debate on these issues. To start this debate, Fake for real formulates eleven design rules for socially responsible AR.
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project report
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Rathenau Instituut (RATH)