Photonics to illuminate Finnish wellbeing. Report on impact and growth potential
Purmonen, Juha; Saarinen, Jyrki (toim.) (2018) Fotoniikasta valoa suomen hyvinvointiin. Selvitys alan vaikuttavuudesta ja kasvunäkymistä; (Eduskunnan tulevaisuusvaliokunnan julkaisu 5/2018). Eduskunta: Helsinki.
The report characterises the growing significance of photonics as a field of technological development. The emphasis is on fields that are of particular importance for Finland: bio-economy, cleantech and environment, digitalisation, wellness and health, circular economy, artificial intelligence and education. Other relevant topics are those of global significance: camera technologies, industry 4.0, traffic, travel, mining industry virtual and enhanced reality, energy and security. The report introduces current and future applications, their significance for Finnish competitiveness and Finland's strengths and opportunities in global competition. The basic research on photonics is also shortly covered. The authors represent a range of expertise from various fields of Finnish industry. The report ends with policy recommendations.
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project report
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Committee for the Future of the Parliament of Finland (ComFuture)