Evers-Wölk, Michaela; Oertel, Britta; Sonk, Matthias Sonk; Jacobs, Mattis (2019): Gesundheitsapps. (Health apps) TAB report no. 179. Berlin: Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB), 240 pp.,
There is a broad variety of health apps which is constantly being expanded. The offer ranges from fitness and nutrition apps to apps providing support in case of illness. With constantly new functionalities, these apps open up innovation potentials by accompanying everyday forms of people’s health behaviour in an individually adapted way. Numerous health apps are developed for people with chronic diseases to support them in coping independently and actively with problems of everyday life and making competent decisions. Despite the large number of health apps, there is only little evidence regarding the benefits as well as the health-promoting and preventive effects of these apps. The market for health apps is hardly regulated. Moreover, there is a lack of reliable quality control taking into account particularly the issue of data protection. The TAB innovation analysis »Health Apps« gives an overview of different categorisation approaches as well as of the current technological and economic development trends with regard to health apps. In addition, it identifies points for debate in society, value orientations and political options for action serving as a basis for an assessment of innovation potentials.
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Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB) (TAB)
Health Apps (TAB)