Investment in Science, Tecnology and Innovation in Mexico
Guadarrama Atrizco, V. H. (2018). INCyTU Note 11 Investment for Science, Tecnology and Innovation in Mexico
In recent decades the importance of STI in the transformation of economies and societies has been recognized. Developed countries like the United States have based their economy on innovation, a model that has generated almost half of the growth of its Gross Domestic Product. In Mexico, the funding sources of the Expenditure on Scientific Research and Experimental Development (GIDE in Spanish) are diverse, however, the contributions of the business sector to GIDE have always been low compared to international trends. Developed countries devote between 1.5% and 4.2% of their GDP to GIDE.
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policy brief
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Spanish; Castilian
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Office for Information of Science and Technology for the Mexican Congress (INCyTU)