IMT-2020: description of 5G and comparative experiences
Roberts Molina, Raimundo (2019 IMT-2020: descripción de 5G y experiencia comparada. Asesoría Técnica Parlamentaria, Enero 2019. Nº SUP: 117998
5G is the fantasy name for the fifth generation of cellular telephony, which should have an information download speed 100 times faster than today's best technologies, and should be ready for market by 2020. 5G (as defined by the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) IMT-2020 standard) will offer a range of technology opportunities not currently achievable with 4G (from full connectivity and standalone vehicles to Internet of Things) and is expected to generate global revenues in the order of billions of US dollars within the first few years of operation. Alongside the opportunities, 5G also presents several challenges. On the social side, an increase in the digital divide between those who have access to 5G (urban and/or high purchasing power environments) and those who do not (rural and/or low resource areas), which would be expressed in more economic, social and territorial development inequality. 5G regulators (mainly ITU and the 3GPP consortium) have warned that local regulators (such as Subtel in Chile) should prepare for the implementation process, as national policies are the key to achieving maximum benefit from new technologies. The main international recommendations are focused on adequately promoting the development of new infrastructure, harmonizing the radio spectrum, strengthening the points of access to citizens and ensuring environments that encourage the development of new services. To this end, they propose the generation of roadmaps that contemplate the restructuring of telephone concessions, experimentation and the installation of infrastructures. Countries with a roadmap include the European Union, South Korea, the United States, Chile and others.
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