Committee for the Future (2014) 100 opportunities for Finland and the world. Radical Technology Inquirer (RTI) for anticipation/evaluation of technological breakthroughs. Publishing series of The Committee for the Future 11/2014
This book is the English edition of the Finnish report 'Suomen 100 uutta mahdollisuutta', made by Risto Linturi, Osmo Kuusi and Toni Ahlqvist. The original report was published in 2013. The English edition is written especially for readers and potential users of the Radical Technology Inquirer outside Finland though also Finnish readers can benefit especially from the updated descriptions of the radical technological solutions. The English edition is edited, translated and updated by Dr. Osmo Kuusi and doctoral student Anna- Leena Vasamo.
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project report
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Committee for the Future of the Parliament of Finland (ComFuture)