Privacy in Social Media
ITA (2013) Privacy in Social Media. ITA-Dossier Nr. 5en (Dezember 2013; Autoren: Michael Nentwich, Stefan Strauß).
-> Nowadays, social network sites (SNS) such as Facebook or Twitter are ubiquitous. They increasingly develop into platforms combining many services. -> SNS endanger privacy to a large extent as the relationships, contents and interactions displayed there can be matched to individuals. -> The right of informational self-determination – that is the right to decide oneself about the disclosure and usage of one’s personal data – can hardly be exercised in a world characterised by SNS. In addition, this is aggravated by providers’ terms of use and business models, which favour large-scale linking-up. -> Not least the recently discovered surveillance scandals underline the pressing need to design SNS in a privacy-enhancing manner. Privacy-by-design is essential when it comes to re-establishing the trust of the users.
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policy brief
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Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA)
Potential and Impacts of Cloud Computing Services and Social Network Websites (ITA)