CO2 capture and storage at power stations

Status: Concluded
In progress from 30-08-2006 to 30-11-2007
Project manager: Dr. Reinhard Gruenwald
Keywords: Energy technology, Environment, Environmental technology, Expert-based, Governance, Risk, Stakeholder involvement, Sustainability

The possibility to capture and dispose of the carbon dioxide that is invariably cre-ated when fossil energy carriers (oil, gas, coal) are used is increasingly discussed in conjunction with CO2 mitigation strategies. The technologies that are required for this are presently under development. However there are major uncertainties re-garding long-term safety of the storage, risks (e.g. impacts on ecosystems) and eco-nomic viability compared to other CO2 mitigation options.
The aim of this project is to presented an overview of the current state of carbon capture and storage technologies, to identify critical knowledge gaps with respect to its economic and environmental implications and to outline options for an ap-propriate regulatory framework.

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