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EPTA Conference 2017: Shaping the Future of Mobility

EPTA Council Meeting, November 7, Pilatus Mountain, Lucerne, Switzerland

EPTA Conference, November 8, Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, Switzerland

This year's EPTA Conference will address different developments in future mobility from multiple perspectives. The conference aims to foster debate on shaping future mobility, encouraging parliamentarians, experts and stakeholders to discuss possible solutions as well as desirable and adverse outcomes.

 Program and inscription and practical information

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Impressions EPTA Directors' Meeting 2017 in Ticino, Switzerland

EPTA Directors' meeting 2007 in Switzerland

Wonderful weather, great location, interesting discussions and insightful visits to universities, theaters, churches and grottos...


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TA News from Europe - No.3, Fall-Winter 2016/2017


Spring and fairer weather may still be some way off, but the landscape of European Technology Assessment is in full bloom already. Here’s an overview of the latest news and current events.

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EPTA Directors' Meeting in Switzerland

April 19-21, 2017, Monte Verità Conference Center, Ascona, Switzerland

This year's EPTA Directors meeting will be held at the Monte Verità Conference Center in Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.

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Regulating the sharing economy

Based on the recent EPTA report the Norwegian Board of Technology has compiled a database to show how different countries, regions and cities have reacted to the sharing economy.

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